Are there any free efax services? Read this article to find out how much using a free service may really cost you...

Are Any Free eFax Services Really Free?

Are Any Free eFax Services Really Free?Copyright 2006 Titus HoskinsInternet fax or email fax services are becoming extremely popular among small business owners, large companies and even among the ordinary Internet user. Everyone seems to be discovering the advantages of using Internet fax.Internet fax is simple to implement or setup, it is easy to use, and it can be very cost effective for the small business owner. No second phone lines, no bulky fax machines, no more messy inks, no more paper jams or busy signals and no more return trips to office at 10 o'clock at night to retrieve that important fax.This is one business service that's here to stay. Mainly because Internet faxing is faxing done right!You can fax anywhere, anytime. You can send and receive your faxes where ever you access the Internet. And these days that's just about anywhere and everywhere on the planet.* But Are There Really Any Free Efax Services?Yes and No! There are some companies like eFax which has a free faxing service but it is only free for receiving faxes - you will have to upgrade to a paid service in order to send faxes. Granted, each fax you send will only cost a few cents but this will quickly add up, especially if you send international faxes which have higher rates than domestic ones. So please be aware of this fact, free if you only receive faxes, not free if you want to send faxes.* Free eFax TrialsMany online faxing providers do have or offer a free trial (usually one month) of their services. One such faxing service provider that offers a free trial is TrustFax. Offering a free trial is a common business practice used by many services; try before you buy.A free trial period or trial run can be a very good way to check out your faxing provider. You can check out the quality of your faxes and see for yourself what kind of support a provider has; how well do they respond to any problems that you may encounter? Can you reach them 24/7?With a business service like faxing, superior performance and quality service is required for the smooth running of your business. A free trial is one way of assuring you only get the best Internet fax service possible.* Toll Free Fax NumbersMany Internet fax providers also offer Toll Free Fax Numbers to their patrons or clients. Check before you sign up for any one faxing service and find out what kind of phone numbers they provide. Most offer local phone numbers and 'never busy' numbers.* Free Online StorageSome email fax providers offer online storage where you can store your faxes. Usually around 15 MB to 20 MB, but this is another feature you should always check out before you sign up to any one faxing service provider. Depending on the nature of your faxes, it is never a good idea to leave vital information on the web - delete your faxes regularly if they're of a sensitive nature.* Before You Sign On The Dotted LineVery few things in life are really free! This includes your Internet fax service - check out any free offer or service very closely before you sign on the dotted line. Make sure you know exactly what that free efax service is going to cost you?

Logo Design for Non-Designers

Logo Design for Non-Designers

The main purpose of this article is to help non-designers understand the logo design process, general terms, requirements and things to remember when ordering a logo.When you decided that your company needs a logo you need to think if you need a completely new logo or redesign the old one (of course, if you have it) before searching for a designer. Redesign of the existing logo is often cheaper than design of a new logo.There are a huge number of companies which offer "logo design" services. All of them have different prices, number of concepts and revisions offered. Some of them can design business stationery for you. Lets talk about every point in detail:Price is important factor; it is very unusual to receive high quality at low price. But Internet is the place where designers work from all over the world and logos are going down in price. You can buy logo of satisfactory quality for $100 (yes, one hundred dollars). One of the very important factors affecting the price is whether design company uses clip-art (premade pictures or graphic elements) or creates unique logos. Be sure to find out this. Custom logos are much better because you will have exclusive logo nobody has.Number of concepts is a number of ideas for logos which you will be offered after answering the logo design questionnaire. It is good to have more than one idea for logo because you will be able to choose. Usually, you will receive a couple of ideas in different styles. When you choose a concept for your logo you will be able to change it using revisions.Number of revisions is a number of possible changes which you can request for a chosen logo design concept free of charge. You can change everything including color, font, graphic element, arrangement of the elements. The more revisions you have the more chances you receive a logo of your dream.Turnaround time is an amount of time needed for work on your logo. Usually design process takes from 3 to 10 days. There are companies, which can do urgent orders but the cost of logo will be higher.Number of designers recently design companies started to indicate number of designers working on your project. Big number of designers should guarantee diversity of the concepts, but this factor is difficult to control and it is difficult to find out how many designers really worked on your project.Stationery design it is good if your logo design company will design business cards, letterhead and envelope for you. Usually, you will receive a couple of concepts of business stationery to choose from.Things to remember during the communications with logo design company: 1. Number of colors of your logo. The more colors you have the more expensive will be cost of printing services. 2. Files optimized for print. Be sure to request files optimized for home and professional printing (tif, pdf, jpg, eps).3. Source files of your logo (ai, cdr). Be sure to request source files of your logo; you may need them in future.4. Use of photos in logo. It is very bad idea to use photos in your logo. Such logos are overloaded with graphic elements and have non-professional look.5. Logotype with abbreviation or without company name. It is very difficult to advertise and promote your company with such logo. Logos with acronyms are good for very big companies which have a lot of money for marketing.Logo is very important for each company and serves the crucial role of successful marketing. It is vitally important to have good logo from the beginning because redesign of logo will cost you a lot because of need to inform you clients about rebranding, change business stationery and logos on signs, cars, etc.

Webcam Technology Beyond Just Entertainment

Webcam Technology  Beyond Just Entertainment

The online entertainment of web tools the like of webcams, music and movie transfers and voice changer software has indeed been given an amazing boost with the development of virtually unlimited global bandwidth and high-performing computers; huge volumes of videos and audios are quickly downloaded to personal laptops, while softwares that require significant disk space to operate like the "voice changer" s could run smoothly like never before. In the scope of this article, I would like to focus on an emerging, or rather renewed, aspect of web-based entertainment, the webcams. The old days of delayed webcam images of low resolution via congested telephone wires have long been replaced with high-quality pictures personalized with on-screen animations of texts and icons transferred through submarine fiber optic cables.Beyond the entertainment sensations of teenagers exchanging good explicit, as well as bad explicit, photos on the web while savoring a good chat or two, sometimes even further empowered with entertainment chat tools such as the voice changers of Media Morpher, webcam technology has proved itself more than just another online entertainment tool. The little camera has evolved into a household friend that makes business sense. Ill tell you how.69-year-old diabetic Norwegian Karin Jordal was saved when the images of her collapsing in the living room of her California apartment were transmitted to her son, Tore Jordal, who was working in the Philippines via their connected webcams. Tore alerted his brother, Ole Jordal, in Norway, who knew just who in the States to contact to help their mother. Within 10 minutes, an emergency ambulance arrived at Karins apartment. She had since recovered steadily.Without the little webcam often considered for pure entertainment purpose, how could such wonder have happened to Karin and her sons? Now I see the Internet as a way to save lives. It's also a wonderful tool for people who live alone in some remote area, and might need help," Ole said.Besides such humane quotient of the webcam and its internet associates like the voice changers or music editor softwares, webcam products also facilitate business activities in the case of, for instance, the Jordals. The webcams allow the family to constantly be in touch with one another, making them feel at ease while pursuing their interests away from their home. This psychological assurance does help one improve his professional performance, according to an America-based online research firm in 2005.Another insightful experience to illustrate how the webcams could come in handy in the business context: John Jackson, an Indian call center operator, narrated his story of how a heart-broken American lady called in one night and asked if she could speak to him face to face. John empathetically explained he could not leave his work, and assured the woman that he could live chat with her for the time being. As Indian call centers do not usually wish to be known to customers as Indians (due to problems of prejudice), John had to mask his webcam picture and adjusted his voice accordingly to sound more American. John managed to console the lady so well that night that she sent in a testimonial to him. That sparked an idea in the 28-year-old man; he thought of introducing a service line that caters specially to those who needs not the business updates but simply some one to talk comfortably to. He is now overseeing an ever thriving business.Lets snap back. It is known that voice changers by Media Morpher could effectively help John modify his voice and calm the American lady. But it is not too widely known that webcam morpher softwares recently available could mask Johns image with some one elses of his preference. Though still in the Beta phase, the AV WebCam Morpher by Audio4Fun is capable of many funky tricks that meet your online entertainment needs. And most of all, the webcam software is for free download right now.So scrap all the rantings about how online entertainment tools are just fads that would some day be gone! One who looks beyond the entertainment factor to recognize how to embrace entertainment technology to better his life is indeed the one that goes beyond his time.About the Author:Josh Nowell is a Media Morpher writer keen on technology development and how it enriches our experiences in life.He could be contacted at (attention to Josh Nowell).

How to Make Millions Playing Video Poker

How to Make Millions Playing Video Poker

Most people will tell you that the only way to walk out of a casino a Millionaire is to walk in a Billionaire, but the fact is this is not the truth. It is only the easiest way to do it.If you are the type of person who is not afraid to risk it all for the big payoff then this may be for you.Video poker machines can be found in every casino both land based and online casinos. These machines have the best chances of making you a millionaire in any casino.All you need is a credit card with at least $20,000 and the nerve to risk it, in what can be less then 20 minutes. I recommend saving up $20,000 dollars before trying this and not just running up your credit card, but when I first tried it I did just run up my card.The game you pick is very important. There are many different types of poker games offered in video form, in some of them you play a computer player and the player with the best hand wins, in the second there is no other player, the better the hand you make the more the machine pays out. A pair pays 1:1; two pairs pay 2:1 and so on. The 2nd type of Video Poker machine is the one you want.Please keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed way to win money, and if you do not win money you can wind up twenty thousand dollars in debt, but it has made me a lot of cash, over the past 2 years I have paid all my expenses playing poker in this manner.I usually start with at least 20,000 dollars, and making $1,000 dollar bets before the $20,000 is gone I have had at least 1 good hand where I have at least made back my money and can now start going for the big money.Do not increase your bets to more then $1,000 until you have made at least $100,000.I first discovered this method almost 2 years ago; I was spending my weekends down in Atlantic City playing poker, blackjack and roulette, and not winning any money, but during the week I would play a free video poker game from home, and I was winning millions of dollars every week. So one day I decided to give it a try and instead of spending my money at the table games I went right to the "video poker" game, and by the end of the weekend I was up almost $60,000.Now every few months I go down to either Atlantic City or Las Vegas, I have a bank roll of $20,000 and I make a few hundred thousand to get me till the next time.Remember there are no guarantees that this will work for you. There have been times where I went over my $20,000 bank roll before I got my first really good hand, but I also remember one time I got a full house which paid off $25,000 on my first hand. Learn more at

A Doctor Excuse Gives An Adult A Break From Work

A little pressure and stress is necessary to spur someone on. But too much pressure can inhibit the study limits of a teenager. So, why not try it out?There are several instances when an adult needs a break from work. The list is never exhaustive. There are the kids, the seemingly never-ending pressure that your boss gives you, bills to pay and the necessity to please your spouse. Would it be just great to just put all these issues down and go spend a day at the beach? Or maybe you can just sleep the whole day due to all these overwhelming pressure.In short, some workaholics just do not know when to put their work down. The deadlines are definitely important. But, your health is equally important. To adequately sustain your health, all you need is a doctor excuse. However, if you choose to tell your company that you wont be going to work today because you have a migraine, chances are that your superior wont be very pleased. The economy is currently not doing very well, so we know that we cannot afford to lose our jobs. The better way to achieve a day off will be to get a fake doctor note to prove that you are medically unwell to attend work.In this way, you are telling your superior that you want to go to work. But, you cant because you are sick!Some adults cannot perform under pressure. They have a huge tendency to want to quickly accomplish all their tasks at once. As the saying goes, More haste, less speed. A fake doctor note can help you think well when you have some time to calm down. A fake doctors excuse is an excellent way of giving yourself a break while you give yourself some time to sort out your duties at work. For people who are working, there are always impending deadlines to meet. Sometimes, when these working people are too confused, a good way to get out of this sticky situation is to just get a doctor excuse.For working adults, there are some situations which you know that you just have to avoid. For example, if you know that your boss is about to scold everyone in your department that particular day for the departments extremely bad performance last month, it is a good idea to have a fake doctors note to prove your absence.To conclude, there are simply too many benefits when you obtain a fake doctors note. You just have to use it correctly to enjoy its advantages.

How to Cold Call without a Script

Linear step-by-step sales scripts have done a lot to give selling a bad name. Not because they dont "work", actually some people who use cold calling scripts actually do make some sales. The problem is even if youre a good-hearted businessperson, scripts make it almost impossible for you to avoid sounding like a "salesperson." This is a serious problem because most people respond to a sales agenda with something like, "Uh oh, Im about to be sold something. How fast can I get this person off the phone?" If we turn away from the artificial beginning of a sales script, and approach "cold call" ing in a different way, then were likely to get different responses.

The first step to cold calling in this new, natural way is to let go of your script as a crutch.

The idea may sound scary at first because youve been programmed to think you have to have a script to make a successful cold call. Let me share a recent experience.

Last week I was sitting at my desk and the phone rang. I picked it up and said, "Hello, this is Ari." The caller said. "Hi, Ari, my name is Steve, how are you today?" I knew right away that he was using a structured sales script, and that triggered the negative "salesperson" stereotype in my mind. Nevertheless, I didnt want to hurt his feelings so I let him continue with his pitch for a few minutes.

Then I gently said, "Hi, Steve." He was so startled that he completely stopped speaking.

He had no idea how to react to my simple, normal greeting. Why? It was because he was totally focused on his selling script and not on any real two-way conversation. This is the problem with using a cold calling sales script -- it doesnt leave any room for a conversation to have a life of its own.

When people call me and ask how they can throw out their scripts and cold call the natural way, the first thing I do is ask them whether theyre willing to role-play with me using their script. As soon as they start reading their script, a couple of things happen. I hear their voices go up in volume so they sound enthusiastic. They also talk faster, and their voice takes on a canned, robotic quality. All these things trigger the negative "salesperson" stereotype.

After a few moments, I gently stop them and tell them theyre sounding like a totally different person from the one who called me and talked with me so naturally about their sales issues. You know what they always say? "Ari, you are so right. When I use a script, I feel as if I cant be myself. I feel like a robot or an actor, and its very awkward and uncomfortable. Is there any way I can be myself again?"

Yes, there is a way to be yourself and still make successful cold calls. The way to be yourself yourself! Its important to stop trying to be an actor or even a successful salesperson. Youll become more personable and more interested in the conversation itself when you do this.

We begin by focusing on relationship rather than salesmanship. We call with the anticipation of meeting someone new, and looking forward to a pleasant conversation to find out whether we can be of service. This new mindset is subtle but powerfully felt by the other person.

When were being real people treating others as real people, the difference is amazing. Both people are both more at ease. We anticipate talking with someone who may possibly have an interest in what we have to offer. If they dont, weve enjoyed our time with him or her.

When others feel this relaxed mindset from you, theyre much more likely to welcome you into their day. However, if you rigidly follow a cold calling script, then your call is immediately pegged as something initiated primarily for your own gain. That will undoubtedly put you back to square one.


Are there any free efax services? Read this article to find out how much using a free service may really cost you...